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The Healing Lodge

Personal Awareness - Life's Lessons

When I think back on just the things that have happened within the last two years, I wonder how I emerged in one whole piece with my sanity intact.  There have been many, many days when I wondered if it was all worth it..or if I would truly live through "it"..but always, there was *something* that kept me going. Sometimes, it was keeping the thought that it would all be over soon, and I would "see" the reason for it. Sometimes it was just simply trying to find the humor in whatever was happening.  Many times it was having special friends to go to for comfort, to talk some sense into me. Other times it was knowing that someone else needed me to be strong enough to survive.

I think some of us are true survivors. I don't pretend to understand why. I have no idea what it is inside us that keeps us going against the odds...eternally optimistic..and always thinking that tomorrow..or will be ok. That we will be better people and more able to understand when someone else is having difficulty; better able to keep on loving and forgiving because we have been there, and come through it, and found it wasn't the end of the world, but only a new awareness of how great the gift of life really is.  Sometimes I learn a specific lesson from it..and sometimes I don't. Maybe the most important lesson I've learned is that I am who I am. I know what I do best, and the best thing I can do is just keep on doing it.

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