The Healing Lodge

The Healing Lodge

Spousal Abuse - A Helpless Observer

My mother-in-law has been married to an abusive, controlling, alcoholic for over thirty years. She stayed for all sorts of reasons. She stayed for the children - they are now all grown and living on their own. She stayed because he has told her time and again she's no good, and she believes it. She stayed because she doesn't think that she can make it on her own, even though for the last fifteen years she's been the sole breadwinner (he's on disability). She stays despite the fact we all tell her to leave, despite the fact she doesn't love him anymore, despite the fact he frequently kicks her out. She always goes back and refuses any help from the rest of us. I guess what I am saying is, she has stayed for so long now that she doesn't know how to leave. Don't let that be you.............I pray for her always to find the courage to live her life, and I hope you'll find that courage too.

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