The Healing Lodge

The Healing Lodge

The Angels Visit A Child's Vision

I remember my daughter Ashlee once woke me up to tell me about her angel lady in her room. She said there was an angel lady standing at the end of her bed. Then she said "She's gone because I don't see the light anymore...", and she started to pout.

She was only about 6 at the time, I think. I told her, "That's OK because your angel doesn't show herself to me... just to you." She said her angel was like a big light bulb with light going into all parts of her room. It was like looking into the sun on a bright day in the summer. Her angel had a pretty face with long hair. She was holding out her hand.

Ashlee said she doesn't think her angel talks but she knows what the angel lady wants to say. Like she said "I love you" when she woke me up... this made Ashlee very happy.

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Painting of Angel by Brandi Jasmine


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