Caught In A   ?

Perhaps I can help.

Consider the following:
    Increase your billable hours!
    Save the cost of additional employees
    Save orientation/indoctrination/training time
    Save expensive office space
    Have specialized help when you need it - as long as you need it 
    Avoid taking chances with temp agencies
    Try a free-lance paralegal to fill your needs whether they are short term, long term, or on a project-by-project basis.  Today's rapid communications, including Federal Express, FAX machines, telephone and e-mail allow quality work, done to your specifications, to be completed in a home office as efficiently and accurately as in your physical location.  Physical nearness to the work at hand is no longer a deterrent to professional assistance.
    Since my time is billed out at three to four times my hourly rate, I am not an expense to you.  My services rest on the profit side of your balance sheet.
    Having worked in criminal law, transactional law, entertainment law, and civil litigation, I offer years of hands-on experience for your paralegal needs.
    For additional information, and to discuss how I may be of service to you and your clients, you may use:



E-mail, Fax or Telephone.

FAX: (562) 426-3554
Phone: (562) 490-0344

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