Our Daily Prayer  

The Life-Giving Earth

SPIRITS OF THE SKY PEOPLE- the Star People, the Universe, the ancestors who watch over Mother Earth and her children, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon. We ask that you join with us now and share your wisdom, your teachings, your insights and your mercy.

The Sky People    

We come before you in humility with bowed heads and hearts that are true, and ask that you hear our prayers. We pray that Mother Earth be healed.  We pray that the weather patterns be restored to peaceful balance so that all may enjoy the bounty of Mother Earth.

We ask that those who are homeless find shelter; that those who are hungry be fed; that those who are cold find warmth.  We ask that each of your children discover the true meaning of becoming a Human Being, and that each person reach out to those in need to offer help and comfort in whatever ways are possible.

We ask that the Spirit of Brotherhood shine brightly in each of us and all of us.  We ask that the Spirit of the Sundance live in our hearts, and that each of us and all of us feel responsibility for our fellow man, and for Mother Earth.  We ask that each of us and all of us become active in restoring harmony to each village we live in, and to all the Villages of Earth.

We ask for healing for each of us and all of us who suffer illness of the body, mind, and spirit.  We ask that the source of the illness and distress be healed, never to return.  We ask that pain be removed; that distress and anxiety be replaced with peace; that sadness be replaced with joy; that tears be replaced with laughter; that intolerance be replaced with understanding; that suspicion, hatred and anger be replaced with love.

We ask that each of us and all of us remember to give thanks each day for life; that we see the beauty of the world around us; that we recognize the many blessings we are given; and that we are able to seize the opportunities that are placed before us.

We ask that those who have crossed into the Spirit World be greeted with warmth and love, and that they find peace.  We ask that those who have been left behind to complete their personal earth walks be granted comfort, and peaceful understanding.

Your children are needy, Great Spirit. We come to you for help and for comfort.  We thank you for hearing our prayers.


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