The Healing Lodge

The Healing Lodge

Thoughts on Healing

Many years ago, when I was quite young and with no "training," I found myself freaking myself out doing tarot readings for people. I really did not know what I was doing and was "channeling" such intense stuff that I stopped doing anything like that for many years.

About 15 years ago I began learning various methods to work with energy. I used crystals, visualization, meditation, etc. At that time I was like a sponge, soaking up all this stuff, but basically just myself. Now I realize that most of this was to give myself a base for further learning to be able to work with other people.

In the course of my Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training I learned, perhaps, the most important thing for me in this area. That is that I do nothing. All I do is open myself to act as a channel for Spirit. Spirit and the individual needing the healing do the work. I'm just there as a facilitator.

As a facilitator, I have learned to trust Spirit will do whatever needs to be done for the highest good of the person. If you feel you are too open, or have been in the past and are picking up other people's stuff, then you need to learn to let it go through you.

My suggestion is to let go of the need for empirical evidence -- Spirit works differently for each healer and each person being healed. The healer's beliefs, faith, or lack thereof affects how Spirit works through them. If you have fears or doubts, it will cloud the work you want to do. If you think that you're doing the healing, then your ego and mind is involved with all the ego and mind games that we humans go through. Also, if you are attached to an outcome and feel you have something to do with the result of the work, it will also affect it.

I guess for me the bottom line is to learn non-attachment and that you're not the doer. Leave the ego at the door and become an empty vessel for Spirit to fill and direct. There are many techniques to help you accomplish this. I find meditation works the best for me. And don't be too hard on yourself. It takes time and practice.

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Painting: Starbaby by Brandi Jasmine


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